Konova is one of the largest retailer and manufacturer of studio, photographic and video equipment products in South Korea. Our main products are camera sliders and related accessory items. KONOVA means NOVA of Korea, we are like a new star and coming out in the stage of world and focused on by DSLR equipment users in the world because of our constant product development. We provide our products to dealers in over 60 different countries including USA, Canada in North America and UK, France, Germany in Europe and Malaysia, Philippines in South East Asia and even South Africa.
We've already got ISO 9001 certification on June 2014, also in order to promote the efficiency of development we established Company Research Laboratory based on R&D team in 2014.

In the future, KONOVA will become a high tech company to develop more advanced products for all photographers and filmmakers in the world.


KONOVA was established by current CEO, Jae Heung Lim, in 2005. Since opened office in Shanghai in 2006, KONOVA has kept opened office overseas, Beijing, China, LA, U.S. and head office in Daejeon, Korea. KONOVA has been exploited Slider and kept technology for slider as well.
KONOVA researches and develops to produce products fitting into not only for professionals but also budding cinematographers to support their demands on shooting. KONOVA R&D centre has devoted to stepping-up its products continuing to show remarkable item to the cinematographers and photographers in the world. Innovative items of KONOVA have been from its business philosophy "video of everyone". Since KONOVA was established in 2005, a lot of cinematographers showed their video on YouTube and Vimeo shooting with items of KONOVA. People do not love KONOVA merely because of its consumer friendly items. In early 2016, KONOVA released brand new product, SUNJIB, camera jib crane, and KMS S2 motorized kit in early 2019 year.